Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation & Airbuki Brush Review

It's no secret that I absolutely LOVE Tarte Cosmetics. They are a "gentle naturals" cosmetic company & I have always had wonderful luck with their products! I always love having a reliable powder foundation for the quick days of just needing to even out skin tone, pop on some blush & mascara & head out the door. But this one is so MUCH more than that. It's super amazing coverage & so beautiful on the skin! More of a demi-matte. Think healthy looking skin. I'm so down with that! I would rather look "healthy" than completely matte & flat looking.
So the packaging is super great!!! It's a loose powder that has a sweet little mesh barrier so things don't get crazy messy. The Airbuki brush they suggest to use with it fits in the space perfectly & applies this powder like a dream.

Fair-Light Neutral Shade

I have used this with only a primer & used it to set a foundation. I actually prefer it with just a primer b/c it has such a great natural look & looks really light on the skin & just look so healthy. If I do set my foundation with it, it's a lighter coverage foundation or BB so it just adds a bit more coverage if I need it & to set the liquid products.
I do still need to blot with this after about 4-5 hrs but it's not a greasy kinda blotting result. Just more "radiant" than I would like on my oily/combo skin. Once it do blot though, it looks freshly applied & I don't even need to touch it up. Just blot.
The staying powder of this powder foundation is seriously legit. As long as I blot every 4 hrs-ish, I'm good & don't even have to powder! I hate the look of so much powder on top of powder on top of powder so if I can use a product & only need to blot rather than actually touch up with powder, it's a winner for me!
I wore it the other day & took a fresh face photo!
No touchup work has been done on my skin.
This is also a shot of all the products used on my face for this look.
The lipcolor is actually a different shade than what is actually on my lips in the photo. It's "hummingbird" in the photo, but in the product photo, it's lotus pink. I picked up lotus pink that day & ended up putting it on after I took the photo.
These are definitely some of my favorite products right now.

Feel free to ask any questions about any of these products in the comments!


  1. Oh my god! your skin looks flawless! I need to gie it a try soon!
    Thank you dear for the amazing review!~^_^

  2. I need to buy this! :)