Thursday, May 08, 2014

Pureology Hair Care Review

If you get your hair colored professionally, you know that the products you use on your hair really make a difference in the appearance of your color & your hair's texture. When my hair wizard, Ray, & I decided we were gonna take me RED, he knew that I needed serious color care after getting all that black out of my hair & to keep up my copper red hair. He absolutely RAVED about Pureology. When he washed my hair after we added my fresh red color & he began to blow dry it, I could tell that the difference was gonna be amazing. Once I started feeling my hair after he was done, the smoothness & softness of my strands were nothing like I ever experience before. No lie. My hair is very coarse. Frizzy. Straw like. This was nuts. And the smell...oh my gah....the smell. Like so good. Like, between my hair & my essential oils I wear, there is NO reason to every use perfume again.
Here is some info on the brand.

Created especially for professional colourists and their clients, Pureology is a salon
haircare brand unlike any other. Our highly concentrated ZeroSulfate® shampoos and
the exclusive AntiFadeComplex® help colour-treated hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon
vibrancy with every use, while our 100% Vegan, Dual Benefit Formulas provide custom
care for every hair type.

So I took my Pureology collection home & started using it every time I washed my hair, which is like 2-3 times a week. 
I go in about every 4 weeks for my root touch up b/c my roots grow in gray. Like since I was 16. The biggest thing I noticed was my RED was still hadn't faded to brown. Sure, it was a bit lighter red...but still RED. Gorgeous color!!! And the health of my hair... I'm so in love with the smoothness & softness!
So the shampoo & conditioner...perfect!!!
Now, I knew I loved this as I started using it regularly. In fact, Im now on my second bottles but have tried the Smoothing Formula. Anyway, I knew I loved it so I thought I would try it on Josephine's hair. 
She has the most beautiful naturally loose curly hair. That is amazing but super hard to brush out after a bath b/c it tangles really easily even with a detangler spray. With the kids shampoo I was using on her, I used to have to chase her around the house & bribe her with TV time or candy to let me brush out her hair after a bath. And even then, she would whimper through it even with our Wet Brush. 
The first time I washed her hair with it, I could tell immediately as I was rinsing that this was going to be a game changer for our hair brushing war. I applied the conditioner to her hair & twisted it up in a clip & left it for a few mins while she played some more then rinsed. Holy smoothness. I was floored. She could actually tell when the hair was being rinsed & laid on her back that it felt different. And she LOVED the smell. She said, "Mommy, I smell just like YOU!"
Here was the real test. To brush out her hair. I kid you not, I took our Wet Brush to the ends, as usual, to start to detangle there & move up. I brushed 2 times through the section I was working with then was able to take the brush from the root to the end with no resistance!! I freaked out. Like...totally freaked out. I went around her head root to tip in 5 mins or less. And she didn't even say a word! The end results was just a good! Since she inherited my curls, she got a wee bit of my frizz too but with just this shampoo & conditioner, the frizz is almost completely non-existent!!! 
We have NO more brush wars!!! It's amazing!  

Now b/c I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, I love me some dry shampoo. 

 I have dark hair so dry shampoo is usually not my friend b/c of the white residue it can leave when it sprays. This stuff is gold to me... NO WHITE RESIDUE!!!! And it smells just as good as the shampoo & conditioner. It's a super light weight dry shampoo so it doesn't feel heavy. It freshens the root & the smell freshens your hair as well. I love it!!'s amazing too! Nice hold. Lovely scent.
My favorite part about this brand is that I know it's NOT gonna mess with my's actually gonna CARE for it while I use it.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm using the Super Smooth line now since Ray got that in & b/c Spring/Summer bring out my frizz & so far, love it just as much!!
If you want to get your hand on some Pureology & try them, shoot Ray an email!!!

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