Friday, July 22, 2011

Anatomy Ultrasound...Nursery Findings...Josephine

Hello There!
Well, we had our big ultrasound this week! If you've followed my blog for a few years, you'll remember that at Josephine's anatomy ultrasound they discovered I had "Complete Placenta Previa"... which is when the placenta is covering the opening of the cervix & if it remains that way, there is a lot of bed rest & a c-section delivery. I was pretty bummed when they diagnosed me. We went back 2-3 weeks later & my placenta had moved... which is pretty unheard of in a "complete" case. We were so excited that we could continue our birth plan!
So as we were approaching "the boy's" anatomy ultrasound, I was a little nervous that we'd be receiving the same diagnoses. 
One of the first things my tech checked for was the placenta position & it was at the very top of my uterus, right where it should be!!!! I let out a huge sigh of relief! So we will hopefully have a nice smooth road a head of us...
Our tech was really great... showing us & explaining everything... the heart on an ultrasound is such an amazing thing to see... the 4 chambers... the beating... the blood flow. It's amazing. 
"The boy" is perfect & we couldn't be more happy & excited to be welcoming a bouncing baby boy into our family! 

In other news... we found an amazing chair for his room for my nursing chair! 1970's Orange & Yellow woven tweed fabric! So excited about this Craigslist find! 

The next search is for this changing table. Jenny Lind. 

Is it bad that I'm sitting here eating my 4th Chocolate Chip cookie & it's almost 10pm? Nah...

Josh got an underwater film camera for our "babymoon" next week & we tested it out while Josephine played in her new big little pool & at the park. The focus is great & it kinda choses where it wants to focus but it's pretty fun! And she's got a new short cut for the summer. Her hair was giving her heat rash on her neck & she hates it in a pony tail... so we cut it into a cute lil layered bob. Pretty precious!

So that is the latest happenings around the Ulmer home... just working on our June weddings... playing with our little love... 

We've also got a fun give-away for a Forage Bowtie over at our Ulmer Studios Blog going through the weekend! Be sure to head over there & check out THE POST!


  1. perfect :)

    1. I love watching your nursery grow
    2.awesome news from the ultrasound ;)
    3. josies hair is ADORABLE

  2. Title picture has feelings more than anything ! Loved it
    And the little baby.... Awesome contrast dressing red one...
    just awesome